Get agent details


Use this endpoint to get details for an automation agent.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'X-DC-DEVKEY: {{api_key}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "accountId": 5153184,
    "agentId": 2054,
    "divisionId":  677793
200 OK
    "error": null,
    "data": {
        "agent": {
            "nickname": "SOW-F5-",
            "hostname": "",
            "sensorLicenseKey": "C49946D00F476E18",
            "sensorName": "3820LatestsensorSOW",
            "sensorVersion": "3.8.20",
            "applicationType": "BIGIP 13.1.1",
            "managementIp": "",
            "partitions": [
            "activationDate": "1603121043109",
            "type": "Agentless",
            "status": "Configured",
            "isSniConfigured": false
        "checkConfigStatus": {
            "status": "Succeeded",
            "lastUpdatedTime": 1604896564065
        "errors": []

Request parameters

Name Req/Opt Type Description
accountId required string Account ID.
agentId required long ID of the agent.
divisionId required long Division ID.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
error object Object with error details, if any.
Note: Returns null if there are no errors.
data object Object with response data.
.. agent object Object container for agent details.
.. .. nickname string Friendly name  given to the agent.
.. .. hostname string Name of the host.
.. .. sensorLicenseKey string License key associated with the sensor.
Note: Only returned if agent’s type is Agentless .
.. .. sensorName string Name of the sensor.
.. .. sensorVersion string Version of the sensor.
.. .. applicationType string Application name and version number.
.. .. managementIp string Management IP.
For more information, see Sensor automation on F5 load balancer.
Note: Only returned if agent’s type is  Agentless.
.. .. partition array List of partitions available in the load balancer.
.. .. activationDate string Date when the agent was activated.
Format: epoch in milliseconds.
.. .. type string Agent type.
Possible values: AgentAgentless.
.. .. status boolean Agent status.
Possible values:  ErrorConfiguredNot ConfiguredSuspendedUpgradingVoid.
.. .. isSniConfigured boolean Whether the Server Name Indication (SNI) is configured.
Default: false
.. checkConfigStatus object Object with details about the agent's most recent configuration check.
.. .. status string Status of the last check configuration request.
Possible values: Succeeded, Failed, In progress.
.. .. lastUpdatedTime long Timestamp for when the configuration was last updated.
Format: epoch in milliseconds.
.. errors array List of objects with information about any errors that occurred while fetching the agent details.
.. .. errorCode string Error code.
.. .. errorMessage string Error message.