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This documentation provides guidance to application programmers incorporating a NanoSSL client or server into the C/C++ application source code for their devices. It describes NanoSSL features and provides integration procedures.

Before you begin

This guide assumes you are familiar with the following:

  • C programming: TrustCore SDK components are provided as ANSI C source (*.c and *.h files), distributed in a ZIP file. To use the API for a component, you need to be able to unzip it, integrate it with your application's code, and understand how to interface to C-style structures and call C functions.

  • Your operating system: TrustCore SDK components are largely independent of the underlying operating system. However, within the context of your operating system, you should understand how to perform basic functions such as communicating with external devices.

  • Security concepts: This guide provides background information for working with TrustCore SDK. However, neither cryptography nor basic security concepts such as handshaking, TCP/IP, and so on are covered. For information about such topics, seek out reference books from authors experienced in the field, and consult reference material available on the Internet.