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Get webhook notifications in Slack

This section describes how to deliver CertCentral webhook notifications to a channel in your Slack workspace.

When you integrate CertCentral webhooks with Slack, your webhook sends notifications to a channel in your Slack workspace. These notifications have the same triggers and data as standard webhook events (see CertCentral event types). However, Slack presents the information as human-readable text instead of raw JSON.


DigiCert will continue improving the content and formatting of Slack webhook messages to meet customer needs.

How does it work?

When you create a webhook in CertCentral, you provide an endpoint URL. CertCentral sends notifications to this endpoint each time an event occurs in your account.

To get notifications in your Slack workspace, you create your CertCentral webhook with a Slack webhook URL. CertCentral automatically recognizes Slack webhook URLs and formats event data for Slack to publish to a channel of your choosing.

Connect your webhook to Slack


Before you begin, you need:

  • Slack workspace.

  • Slack webhook URL. To get a Slack webhook URL, follow the instructions in the Slack docs. The channel you associate with your Slack webhook URL is the channel where CertCentral publishes webhook notifications.

  • Access to CertCentral webhooks. Webhooks are not enabled for all CertCentral accounts. To request access to webhooks, contact your account manager or DigiCert Support.

Create the webhook

After obtaining a Slack webhook URL, create your webhook in CertCentral.

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, select Settings > Webhooks.

  2. On the webhooks page, in the Enter your endpoint URL field, enter your Slack webhook URL. Make sure to include the https:// prefix. It should look something like this example:
  3. Under Receive updates on, check the box next to each event type you want to receive.

  4. Test your endpoint. Select Send test notification to send a test event that verifies CertCentral can connect to your Slack webhook URL. If successful, CertCentral publishes a test notification to your Slack channel.

  5. Complete the verification challenge.

    1. Select Send verification token to send a challenge token to your Slack channel.

    2. Within 30 minutes of receiving the token, copy the token and enter it on the webhook page in your CertCentral account. Then, select Activate webhook.

Your webhook is now active. CertCentral immediately begins sending messages to your Slack channel when events are triggered in your account.

What's next?

To learn how to customize events or deactivate your webhook, visit the following resources: