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Customize validation expired and revalidation notice events

If you enable validation expired or revalidation notice events for domains or organizations, you can choose when to receive notifications:

  • 90 days before

  • 60 days before

  • 30 days before

  • 7 days before

  • Day of event

  • 7 days after

Your selection applies to all expiration and revalidation notice events for both domains and organizations.

Use the Webhooks page in CertCentral

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the sidebar menu, click Settings > Webhooks.

  2. On the Webhooks page, make sure you have at least one validation expired or revalidation notice event enabled.

  3. Under Set webhook event notification frequency, check the box next next to each desired option (90/60/30/7 days before, day of event, 7 days after).

Use the CertCentral Services API

If you are configuring a webhook via API, include the webhook_notification_frequency webhook setting in your API request to create or update the webhook.

  "webhook_settings": {
    "webhook_notification_frequency": [90,60,30,7,-7]