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CertCentral APIs

Welcome to the DigiCert® CertCentral API documentation!


This documentation assumes you have some experience working with APIs. If you've never worked with an API before, we recommend learning about the basics of APIs before using this service.

Getting started

Before you can use a CertCentral API, you need a couple of things.

  • CertCentral account

  • API key

  • Ability to make API requests

Once you have these, you are ready to start using one of CertCentral's APIs.

About the APIs

CertCentral APIs use URL-based entry points and require API keys be sent in the HTTP request header over port 443. However, each API uses a different technology when handling requests. To learn more, visit the reference documentation for each set of APIs:

  • Services API: Automate certificate processes to save time and streamline certificate management. Use this API to manage all aspects of your CertCentral account.

  • Report Library API: Create and manage custom reports for CertCentral certificate orders, domains, organizations, and more.

  • Custom Reports GraphQL API: Generate customizable and comprehensive data sets by leveraging the powerful GraphQL query language.

  • Discovery API: Scan your network using sensors to find your internal and public facing SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of the issuing Certificate Authority.

  • Automation API: Configure automation profiles and manage automation activities. Use this API to access all of the features of automation that are available in CertCentral, without needing to log in to the platform.

Finding help

If you're unfamiliar with a specific term or want additional information about a parameter or variable, use the Glossary.

For guides to managing certificate lifecycles and other common workflows, visit the Workflows section.

If you encounter an error, it is probably documented. Check out the Errors section to locate the error and find a solution.