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Edit domains on a pending order or reissue


Use this endpoint to edit the domains (common_name and dns_names) on a pending TLS/SSL certificate order or reissue. This is useful when you want to change which domains a certificate will secure without submitting a new certificate order or reissue request.

Usage and limitations

  • Editing domains does not change the price of the certificate order.

  • You can only replace a domain/IP address with another domain/IP address and a wildcard domain with another wildcard domain.

  • The total number of domains cannot exceed the number of domains on the original certificate request.

  • You can add domains back to the order for free, up to the original amount purchased, the next time you reissue the certificate.

  • To edit domains, the authenticated user must be an admin or manager.


This endpoint is destructive to the certificate.dns_names array. Omitting the certificate.dns_names array from your request replaces the list of dns_names on the pending order or reissue with a new list that only includes the common_name value.

Validate added domains

Domains you add to a pending order or reissue are automatically submitted for validation using the same DCV method as the original order or reissue request. If the order is for an OV or EV TLS/SSL certificate, new domains submitted for validation are also added to your CertCentral account.

After adding or replacing domains:

  1. Use the Validation status API endpoint to get the validation status of each added domain.

  2. Complete domain control validation (DCV) for any unapproved domains.

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Example requests and responses

Path parameters








Order ID. To edit domains, the order must have a status of pending or reissue_pending.

Request parameters








Certificate object.

.. common_name



Certificate common name. If not provided, the common name is not changed.

Note: You cannot change the common name if your account settings require the common name in your request to match the CSR.

.. dns_names

array of strings


Updated list of domains for the order.

You can omit the common_name value from the dns_names list. Before updating the order, DigiCert prepends the common_name value to the dns_names list and removes any duplicate values.

Important: This list overwrites the domains that already exist on the pending order or reissue. Make sure it includes any domains or IP addresses you don’t want to remove. To get a list of domains on a pending order or reissue, use the Validation status API endpoint.