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Update order status


Use this endpoint to update the status of the order with the given order_id. By updating the status of an order, you can:

  • Cancel a pending order for a new or renewed certificate.

    To cancel a pending order, the order status must be pending or waiting_pickup.

  • Cancel a pending reissue.

    To cancel a pending reissue, the order status must be reissue_pending.


    Cancel and reject a pending reissue request

    If you use the Services API to manage certificate request approvals, you can use the Update order status endpoint to cancel reissue requests that are pending admin approval. When using this endpoint to cancel a pending reissue request:

    • The reissue is canceled, and the status of the order changes from reissue_pending back to issued.

    • The status of the corresponding request becomes rejected.

    • The note (if provided) from the Update order status payload is stored in the processor_comment field on the rejected request.

    You can also reject a pending reissue request by using the Update request status endpoint.

  • Mark a migrated certificate order as either renewed or not_renewed.

    To mark a migrated certificate order as renewed, the certificate must be within 90 days of expiring, or it must have already expired. To mark a migrated certificate order as not_renewed, the order must already be marked as renewed.


    Migrated certificate orders

    When you migrate an order from your legacy console and then renew it in CertCentral, the original order may not automatically update to reflect the renewal. To prevent these "renewed" orders from appearing alongside orders that still need to be renewed, you can manually change the status of the original order to renewed.

    To renew a migrated order that you've marked renewed, you must first set the status of that order to not_renewed.

Example requests and response

Request parameters








Updated status for the order.

Allowed values (case sensitive):

  • canceled

  • renewed

  • not_renewed




Custom message about the status change.

The note parameter is required when canceling an order, and optional when performing other status update operations.