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DigiCert order ID


Use this endpoint to get the DigiCert certificate order ID for a migrated, legacy SSL/TLS certificate order. legacy_order_id is your Symantec or GeoTrust* SSL/TLS certificate order ID.


*If you are a partner, you don't have access to the Symantec order ID for your GeoTrust SSL/TLS certificates orders. However, you can use the GeoTrust order ID to get the DigiCert order ID for your migrated GeoTrust certificate orders.

When you migrate active, public SSL/TLS certificate orders to your new CertCentral account, we assign a unique DigiCert order ID to each migrated legacy certificate order. For more information, see the CertCentral product documentation.

Example requests and responses

Response parameters






DigiCert certificate order ID DigiCert certificate order ID

Note: When the GeoTrust certificate order ID is used, we return the most current DigiCert certificate order ID.