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Delete organization


Use this endpoint to delete the organization with the given ID. Deleting an organization permanently removes the organization and its domains from your CertCentral account.


You cannot delete the first organization that was created with the CertCentral account.


What happens to my orders and certificates when I delete an organization?

  • Issued certificates: Issued certificates for the organization remain active. However, you cannot reissue or duplicate certificates for a deleted organization.

  • Pending orders: When you delete an organization after an order is created but before the certificate is issued, DigiCert cannot complete the order. The order remains in a pending state until you cancel it.

  • Pending order requests: When you delete an organization after a request is created but before it is approved, an administrator must edit the request to use another organization before approving the request.

Example requests and responses

Path parameters






ID of organization to delete.