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Does TrustCore SDK provide key and certificate conversion utilities?

Question: Does TrustCore SDK provide any utilities for converting keys and certificates from one format to another?

Answer: Yes, the following functions provide conversion utilities:

  • CA_MGMT_convertKeyDER: Converts DER file key information to TrustCore SDK NanoCert key BLOB.

  • CA_MGMT_convertKeyPEM: Converts PEM file key information to a TrustCore SDK key BLOB. This function cannot be used to convert OpenSSL keys.

  • CA_MGMT_decodeCertificate: Converts PEM-encoded certificate to DER-encoded certificate.

  • CA_MGMT_keyBlobToDER: Converts NanoCert key BLOB to DER key.

For more information about conversion utilities, refer to the NanoCert product guide and the NanoSSL API reference.