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Batch enrollment guide


This guide describes how to use the DigiCert​​®​​ IoT Trust Manager REST API to request certificates using batch enrollment.

Batch enrollment is useful when you need to request many certificates through the same enrollment profile. With batch enrollment, you submit a single API request to create a batch enrollment job. You provide information for each certificate you need, and DigiCert processes all of the enrollments at once.

Batch enrollment jobs involve these main steps:

  1. Choose a keypair generation method

  2. Prepare your data

  3. Start the batch job

  4. Approve or reject the batch job


    This step is only required if the enrollment profile requires certificate approvals.

  5. Download certificates


To use batch enrollment with the DigiCert​​®​​ IoT Trust Manager API, you need:

  • API authentication credentials, such as an API token, service user API token, or client authentication certificate. Alternatively, you may authenticate using the custom password or authentication certificate configured for the enrollment profile.

  • Enrollment profile that supports batch enrollment (enrollment_method includes BATCH)

  • Ability to send API requests.