List voucher orders


Use this endpoint to list all voucher orders.

To get the list of orders in CSV format, set the Accept header in the request to text/csv.

Example requests and responses

curl --request GET '' \
--header 'X-DC-DEVKEY: {{api_key}}
200 OK
    "voucher_orders": [
            "id": 1002,
            "name": "Example Organization",
            "status": "canceled",
            "cost": 100.5,
            "cost_plus_tax": 100.5,
            "created_date": "2020-04-17 09:41:22",
            "expiration_date": "2021-04-17"
            "id": 1003,
            "name": "Example Organization",
            "status": "completed",
            "cost": 85.5,
            "cost_plus_tax": 85.5,
            "created_date": "2020-04-17 09:44:26",
            "expiration_date": "2021-04-17"
    "page": {
        "total": 2,
        "limit": 1000,
        "offset": 0

Filters and URL query parameters

This endpoint supports filters, sorting, and pagination. For general information and examples of the syntax to use when applying filters and sorting results, see Services API - Filters, sorting, and pagination parameters.

Name Req/Opt Type Description
filters[{{property_name}}] optional string Filters results by the specified property. Replace {{property_name}} in your request with the property to use for filtering.

If the value of the property is a date (for example, created_date or expiration_date), you can filter by date range.
  • To filter by date range, separate the start date and end date with an ellipsis (...).
  • To return all results before a specific date, prefix the date with a less than (<) character.
  • To return all results after a date, prefix the date with a greater than (>) character.
For examples of filtering by date range, see Services API – Filters, sorting, and pagination parameters.

Supported filters:
  • filters[product_name_id]: Filters by product identifier. See Glossary – Product identifiers.
  • filters[status]: Filters by order status (completed or canceled).
  • filters[codes_status]: Filters by voucher code usage status. Accepts none (no codes used), unused (one or more codes unused), partial (one or more codes used), and used (all codes used).
  • filters[created_date]: Filters by order creation date.
  • filters[expiration_date]: Filters by order expiration date.
  • filters[name]: Filters by order name. By default, returns voucher orders with a name value that is an exact match for the provided filter value. To return orders with a name that is a partial match, prefix the filter value with a %. Example: filters[name]=%partial
  • filters[id]: Filters by order ID.
sort optional string Sorts results by the value of one or more properties.

By default, sorts results in ascending alphabetical order (0-9, A-Z). To sort in descending alphabetical order (9-0, Z-A), prefix the property name with a minus (-).

To sort by multiple properties, separate the name of each property with a comma. Sort hierarchy matches the order of properties in the comma-separated list.

This endpoint supports sorting by the following properties:
  • id
  • created_date
  • status
  • name
  • cost_plus_tax
limit optional integer Total number of results to include in the response.
Max: 1000 (default)
offset optional integer Index of the first result to include in the response.
Default: 0

Response parameters

Name Type Description
voucher_orders array List of voucher order objects.
.. id integer Voucher order ID.
.. status string Status of voucher order.
Possible values: completed, canceled
.. cost number Voucher order cost, without tax.
.. cost_plus_tax number Voucher order cost, with tax.
.. created_date string Date the voucher order was created.
.. expiration_date string Voucher order expiration date.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD
.. receipt_id integer Receipt ID. Returned when the payment_method for the order is balance or card. Not returned if cost_plus_tax is 0.
.. invoice_id integer Invoice ID. Returned when the payment_method for the order is wire_transfer. Not returned if cost_plus_tax is 0.
.. notes string Notes provided in request to help you manage the voucher order.
page object Object with pagination details.