Enrollment passcode details


Use this endpoint to get information about an enrollment passcode.

Example requests and responses

curl -X GET \
'https://one.digicert.com/iot/api/v1/enrollment-profile/{{enrollment_profile_id}}/passcode/{{passcode_id}}' \
-H 'x-api-key: {{api_key}}'
200 OK
    "name": "MyPasscode",
    "description": "A passcode we created for the API documentation.",
    "validity_period": {},
    "passcode_length": 20,
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "id": {{passcode_id}},
    "enrollment_profile": {
        "id": {{enrollment_profile_id}},
        "name": "SCEP"
    "device_profile": {
        "id": {{device_profile_id}},
        "name": "MyDeviceProfile"
    "division": {
        "id": {{division_id}},
        "name": "MyDivision"
    "account_id": {{account_id}},
    "passcode": "bGgdO*******************",
    "created_at": "2020-08-12T16:42:13Z",
    "number_of_usage": 0

Endpoint path parameters

Name Description
enrollment_profile_id ID of the enrollment profile the passcode is associated with.
passcode_id ID of the passcode.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
name string Passcode name.
description string Passcode description.
validity_period object Object that defines the period of time during which the passcode can be used.
.. from string Start date of passcode validity period.
.. to string End date of passcode validity period.
passcode_length integer Passcode length.
status string Passcode status.
Possible values: ACTIVE, DISABLED, or DELETED. Newly created passcodes are expected to have a status of ACTIVE.
id string Passcode ID.
enrollment_profile object Details about the enrollment profile associated with the passcode.
.. id string Enrollment profile ID.
.. name string Enrollment profile name.
device_profile object Details about the device profile associated with the passcode.
Only the first five characters are shown. The rest of the passcode is obfuscated with asterisks.
.. id string Device profile ID.
.. name string Device profile name.
division object Details about the division associated with the passcode.
.. id string Division ID.
.. name string Division name.
account_id string ID of the account that created the passcode.
passcode string Unique passcode.
created_at string Date and time (UTC) the passcode was created.
number_of_usage int Number of times the passcode has been used.
registered_values array List of objects with details about the certificate fields that are validated when using this passcode.
Only returned for enrollment passcodes with registered values.
.. certificate_field string Name of a certificate field that is validated when using this passcode.
.. matcher string Operator used when comparing the value of the certificate field to the registered values.
Possible values: equals
.. value string/array The value or list of values that are compared with the value of the chosen certificate_field.
.. multiple bool Returns true when the data type of the certificate field is an array. Otherwise, false.