Archive device


Use this endpoint to remove a device from certificate management and reporting when the device is no longer in service. The device record is not deleted entirely and can be restored.

To restore a device, use the Restore device endpoint.

curl --request DELETE ' Device?division_id=fd5faa1e-623a-47a9-831b-b9397c33395f' \
--header 'x-api-key: {{api_key}}' \
--header 'content-type: application/json'
200 OK
  "id": "64c02969-3890-4da8-a5ef-b574fd72887e",
  "account_id": "1d1ec1ec-6502-11e9-a923-1681be663d3e",
  "division": {
    "id": "fd5faa1e-623a-47a9-831b-b9397c33395f",
    "name": "Mock Division 1"
  "device_identifier": "New Device",
  "device_profile": {
    "id": "a81a431a-be7b-4f2e-8afd-b2778491511f",
    "name": "Device Profile"
  "created": "2020-04-22T07:13:20Z",
  "updated": "2020-10-09T17:51:15Z",
  "status": "DELETED",
  "fields": [
      "id": "417c328e-604c-4e94-9112-ee58f12277fb",
      "name": "Mandatory Field",
      "value": "mandatory value",
      "mandatory": true
      "id": "90eb4de2-ae8a-48a0-a904-d30c5ab6e1de",
      "name": "Optional Field",
      "value": "optional value",
      "mandatory": false
404 Not Found
  "errors": [
      "code": "entity_not_found",
      "message": "Device with division fd5faa1e-623a-47a9-831b-b9397c33395f and identifier New Device does not exist"

Path parameters

Name Req/Opt Description
device_identifier required The name (or device_identifier) of the device to archive.
To get a list of devices and their identifiers, use the Device list endpoint.

URL query strings

Name Type Description
division_id required The ID of the division for the device to archive.
To get a list of devices and their division IDs, use the Device list endpoint.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
id string Device ID.
account_id string Account ID.
division object Division container.
.. id string Division ID.
.. name string Division name.
device_identifier string Device name.
device_profile object Device profile container.
.. id string Device profile ID.
.. name string Device profile name.
created string Date and time (UTC) new device was created.
updated string Date and time (UTC) device was last updated.
status string Device status.
For a newly archived device, status is expected to be DELETED.
fields array Array of fields that describe device attributes and settings.
.. id string Field ID.
.. name string Field name.
.. value string Field value.
.. mandatory boolean Whether or not the field is required, based on the device profile.