Import details


Use this endpoint to get information about a certificate import job.

Example requests and responses

curl -X GET \{{job_id}} \
-H 'x-api-key: {{api_key}}'
200 OK
    "id": {{job_id}},
    "account_id": {{account_id}},
    "division": {
        "id": {{division_id}},
        "name": "My Division"
    "random_id": "011932410039",
    "enrollment_profile": {
        "id": {{enrollment_profile_id}},
        "name": "My Enrollment Profile"
    "original_file_name": "",
    "format": "XML",
    "original_size": 3246,
    "stored_file_name": "",
    "created_at": "2020-08-12T21:29:07Z",
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "result": "SUCCESS",
    "status_message": "[]",
    "enrollment_context": {
        "enrollment_method": "CERTIFICATE_IMPORT",
        "ip_address": "",
        "authorization": "",
        "auth_type": "BASIC"
    "total_certificates": 3,
    "failed_certificates": 0,
    "processing_time": 17

Endpoint path parameters

Name Description
job_id ID of the certificate import job.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
id string Certificate import job ID.
account_id string Account ID.
division object Details about the division associated with the import job.
.. id string Division ID.
.. name string Division name.
random_id string Random ID associated with the certificate import job.
enrollment_profile object Details about the enrollment profile used for the imported certificates.
.. id string Enrollment profile ID.
.. name string Enrollment profile name.
original_file_name string Name of the uploaded file.
format string Format of the imported files.
Possible values: XML or PEM
original_size int Size of the uploaded file, in bytes.
stored_file_name string Name of the file after it is uploaded.
created_at string Timestamp for the beginning of the import job.
Format: ISO 8601 UTC (YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ)
status string Status of the import job.
Possible values: PENDING or COMPLETED
result string Result of the import job.
Possible values: SUCCESS, FAILED, or PARTIAL
status_message string Additional details about the import job.
enrollment_context object Enrollment details for the imported certificates.
.. enrollment_method string Enrollment method for the imported certificates.
For imported certificates, enrollment method is always CERTIFICATE_IMPORT.
.. ip_address string IP address the client used for the certificate import job.
.. authorization string Authorization used for the certificate import job.
.. auth_type string Type of authorization used for the certificate import job.
total_certificates int Total number of certificates processed.
failed_certificates int Number of certificates that failed to import.
processing_time int Processing time of the import job, in milliseconds.