TrustCore SDK NanoSec API reference  version 7.0

This set of Web pages make up the DigiCert® TrustCore SDK NanoSec API Reference and is available only to licensed NanoSec users. It contains background information such as lists of files and functions, as well as details for every externally-accessible NanoSec API function.

All corresponding product documents are available in the DigiCert Developer Portal at If you cannot log in to this site, contact DigiCert support at

Browser Support

This API Reference can be viewed using recent versions (within the last several years) of the following major browsers:

  • Firefox®
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
  • Safari®
  • Google Chrome™ browser

Other browsers and older versions might work but have not been tested, and might not correctly display dynamic content such as the navigation tree and client-side searching.

(Doxygen outputs XHTML 1.0 transitional (or HTML 4.01) compatible output.)

The NanoSec API functions that are related to NSA Suite B cryptography are available only if NanoSec Advanced has been purchased. By default, only NanoSec Basic is included. If your DigiCert product is used with the DigiCert FIPS binaries, then the Suite B algorithms are already included. For more information, contact the DigiCert Support Team via the DigiCert Helpdesk.

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