SAS CSP for Windows Hash Signing

The Secure App Service (SAS) Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) lets you sign large-size Windows applications without uploading them to the Secure App Service cloud.

Click here to download the installer.

This download package contains an MSI file which installs the following components:

  • A readme document
  • A sample .properties file
  • A license agreement

Important: After downloading the CSP, update the API URL in the .properties file to:

The Windows Hash Signing CSP is governed by the terms and conditions of the license agreement. The use of CSP implies that you accept the license agreement.

DigiCert, Inc. has acquired the Symantec PKI and SSL/TLS businesses. For more information on DigiCert's terms and conditions, including privacy policies and subscriber agreements, see:

This document assumes that you are familiar with SignTool. Some knowledge of cryptography also helps with using this CSP.

Important! You need an active SAS API user account to use the CSP. If you don't already have an API account, contact your administrator.

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