Signing a directory of files

Use requestSigning and requestDirectorySigning to submit a directory of files for signing.

For example, you might have a multiple-level directory that contains a variety of application files. Instead of submitting each application file separately for signing, you can make a .zip file of the entire directory, specify which files in the directory you want to be signed, and submit the directory.

  1. Prepare your .zip file.
    Prepare a .zip file that contains a directory with files you want to sign.
  2. Submit your signing set for signing.
    1. Use requestSigning to submit a signing set for signing.
    2. Provide all the required parameters, but do not specify an application file to upload or a
    3. CommaDelimitedFileName field.
    4. You get a signingSetId in the response.
  3. Upload the files you need signed.
    1. Make an HTTPS POST request to a file upload service with the directory in a .zip.
    2. Provide authentication parameters, the signing set ID, the partner code, and the file.
    3. Use the large file approach for uploading files; see Uploading and downloading large files.
    4. As part of the upload, add an extra parameter, isDirectorySigning=true, in the request URL.
    5. The service uploads the application file to the API server file system and associates it with the specified signing set.
    6. A successful file upload initiates the code signing process.
  4. Request the signing.
    Use requestDirectorySigning to request the signing.
  5. Download the signed files.
    1. Once the files in the directory are signed, you can download the files by using an HTTPS GET or POST request to a file download service.
    2. Provide the same authentication parameters, partner code, and signing set ID from the file upload in step 3.
    3. Add an extra parameter isDirectorySigning=true in the request URL.
    4. Use the large file approach for downloading the signed files; see Uploading and downloading large files.

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