Integrating Java hash signing CSP with Gradle

To integrate the CSP with your Gradle implementation, add the following code snippet to your build.gradle file.

apply plugin: 'java'
task sign(type: Exec, dependsOn: 'jar', description: 'jar signing using Symantec Java CSP', group: 'Build')
def storePassword = "changeit"
def keyPassword = "changeit"
def keyStore = "NONE"
def storeType = "SAS"
def providerClass = ""
def cspPropertiesFile = "C:/users/anshuman_mor/desktop/testing/java/"
def alias = "Ft3_27072018,vanilla-gradle"
commandLine "${System.env.JAVA_HOME}/bin/jarsigner.exe", "-J-DcspPropertiesFile=" + cspPropertiesFile, "-keystore", keyStore, "-storepass", storePassword, "-keypass", keyPassword, "-providerClass", providerClass, "-storetype", storeType, jar.archivePath, alias

See jarsigner and CSP properties for more information on these integration tools.

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