Integrating Java hash signing CSP with Apache Maven

Apache Maven provides a plugin for integration with jarsigner. To integrate the Java Hash Signing CSP with your Maven implementation, you need to update the Build properties in your POM.xml file to use this plugin along with the CSP.


Update the build properties in your POM file as follows.


groupId = org.apache.maven.plugins
artifactId = maven-jarsigner-plugin
version = 1.4


id = sign
goal = sign


These are the same values that you use in your CSP’s properties file. Namely:

keystore = NONE
alias = <certificate friendly name>, <name of the application>, <version of the application (optional)>
storepass = none
keypass = none
providerClass =
storetype = SAS
arguments = -J-DcspPropertiesFile=<path to your CSP’s properties file>

See the sample code below for example values.

Sample Maven POM file

Following is a sample project that shows how you may implement this integration:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<artifact.classifier />
<description>Vanilla Testing for JarSigner</description>

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