What is the SAS API?

Secure App Service (SAS) is a web-based application that that software developers use to request DigiCert to digitally sign their source code or other documents. Code signing verifies the identity of a software developer, indicates whether the developer is trusted, and alerts users if the software was modified after signing.

SAS includes a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web service interface (API) that helps service providers and publishers perform their code signing and workgroup management activities. SAS refers to a service provider account as Service Manager and a publisher account as Workgroup.

This API service supports the SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 (Document Literal) protocols.

To get started with the SAS API

  1. Workgroup admins add API users
    1. Workgroup admins can add API users from the SAS portal. After the API user is added, we send the API account username, password creation link, and client authentication certificate pickup link to the email address of that API user.
    2. Alternatively, you can also ask your Service Manager to contact DigiCert so we cam add the API role to your SAS user and send your invitation email. See Getting your credentials and client certificate for two factor authentication.
  2. Two factor authentication
    Pick up and install your client certificate for making API requests with two factor authentication. See Picking up and installing your client certificate for two factor authentication.
  3. Set up development environment
    Set up your development environment. If developing in Java or C#, generate classes from the WSDL document. See Generating Java or C# classes from the WSDL document.
  4. Set up signing services
    Work with DigiCert or your service manager to decide what signing services you need. See Deciding what signing services you need.

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