Using the SAS API as a workgroup member

For workgroup members, a service manager sets up your organization for code signing. You can perform code signing through a secure web-based portal or this API.

You use this service to perform the following tasks:

  • View the signing services that you can use with getSigningServices.
    • A signing service determines the type of software that you can submit for signing. For example, a signing service for Android lets the workgroup request signing for .apk files. Work with your service manager to determine the signing services that you need.
    • Depending on your setup, some of your signing services may use a test CA. You can use such services for pre-production signing.
    • Also depending on your setup, you may be able to configure a signing service so that any signing set that uses this service is forwarded to your service manager or to a test house for review and approval.
    • After review and approval is done, the signing set is then automatically submitted for signing.
  • Create signing sets and submit them for signing with requestSigning.
    • Signing sets contain the software to be signed, plus (depending on your local processes) additional files such as PDFs or images.
    • Additionally, your service manager may require you to submit your application for review and approval before it can be signed.

Task overview: Workgroups

  1. Use getSigningServices and getSigningServiceDetails to see what types of software you can submit for signing.
  2. Use requestSigning to submit the software for signing and modifySigningSet to update the request if needed.
  3. The service manager follows their company process to review the software before approval for signing.

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