Supported signing services

The SAS API supports the following signing services. Additional services may be available if needed.

Table: Active signing services


File types


.apk (including wearable .apk files)

Android Assertion


Apple codesign

All Apple codesign utility supported file extensions.

Example: .dmg, .ipa, .app

Apple productsign

All Apple productsign utility supported file extensions.

Example: .pkg, .xar

Apple signIPA

All standard signIPA supported file extensions

Apple XAR signing

All standard xar supported files

Autodesk / LISP

.lsp, .fas, .vlx, .mnl

GnuPG or GPG

All file extensions


.jar, .war, .ear, .sar

Java Mobile

.jar, .jad

Microsoft Authenticode

.exe, .dll, .cab, .msi, .js, .vbs, .ps1, .ocx, .sys, .wsf, .cat,

.msp, .cpl, .ef1, .arx, .crx, .dbx, .xsn, .xap, .deploy,

.appx, .stl, .mst, .psm1

Microsoft XAP


Microsoft Mobile


Microsoft Office XML - XAdES-XL

.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, (Office 2007 and later versions only)

OpenSSL Hash Signing

Any Base64 encoded file or Base64 encoded Hash of a file



Red Hat Package Manager or RPM


XML - DSIG Compliant


XML - PKCS7 Compliant


Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK)

.hck, .hckx

Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK)

.hlk, .hlkx

Windows Hash Signing


Windows Manifest Signing

.manifest, .application, .vsto

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