Getting certificate unit details

Use the /getTokens resource to retrieve details for the certificate units in your account. It provides details of each unit order, including order number, units purchased, used, and remaining, and the expiration date of the units.

Service endpoints




This request has no parameters. Your administrator ID determines your jurisdiction.

Sample request (GET)


Sample response

After the request is submitted, the service sends an HTTP response to the requesting application. The following is a sample of a successful response:

<Response xmlns:tns="">
 <Order type="AdminID" orderNumber="126569530" ordered="6" used="0"
  remaining="6" expiration="JUN 16, 2012" />
 <Order type="AdminID" orderNumber="126569486" ordered="5" used="5"
  remaining="0" expiration="JUN 16, 2012" />
 <Order type="DomainName" orderNumber="126853450" ordered="100" used="0"
  remaining="100" expiration="AUG 18, 2012" />
 <Order type="HAServer" orderNumber="127001755" ordered="1000" used="27"
  remaining="973" expiration="SEP 22, 2012" />
 <Order type="Server" orderNumber="126569448" ordered="11" used="0"
  remaining="11" expiration="JUN 16, 2012" />
 <Order type="GlobalServer" orderNumber="126747113" ordered="10" used="0"
  remaining="10" expiration="JUL 27, 2012" />
 <Order type="IntranetServer" orderNumber="126102627" ordered="2000"
  used="511" remaining="1489" expiration="MAR 29, 2012" />
 <Order type="IntranetGlobalServer" orderNumber="126894195" ordered="1000"
  used="41" remaining="959" expiration="AUG 24, 2012" />
 <Order type="OFXServer" orderNumber="126901405" ordered="500" used="64"
  remaining="436" expiration="AUG 25, 2012" />

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