Previous releases


The February 2018 release includes the following API updates:

  • Public SSL/TLS certificates now have a maximum validity period of 27 months. The 3-year validity period option on new and renewal certificates is no longer valid. Replacement certificates and certificates with specified end dates must be 27 months or shorter.
  • Maximum validity for Private SSL and code signing certificates remains at 39 months and the 3-year validity period option is still available.


The December 2017 release includes the following API updates:

  • Deprecates the DSA encryption algorithm for all certificate request types.
  • Deprecates the Get alternate certificate API.
  • Deprecates the Certificate Transparency root logging option. Certificates can be logged or not logged.


The August 2016 release includes the following API enhancements:

The /getOrgInfo resource is now available. This resource returns information about each organization in your account. See Getting organization information.


The May 2016 release includes the following API enhancements:

The ctLogOption nolog option's behavior has changed. The nolog option is available for private domains and logs only the top-level domain names from your certificate to Certificate Transparency logs. This option is intended for private domains to keep subdomains hidden. Domain names are logged as ? With this change, you get the full benefit of certificate monitoring and also the privacy protection you need. However, Google Chrome disables the green address bar and shows warnings when any customer connects to your site.

For certificates with private subdomains (""), log your certificates by only root domain name and apply the CT exemption policy on company devices so internal users don't see warnings in Chrome.

To provide the best browser experience to all customers, use full domain logging.


The March 2016 release includes the following API enhancements:


The December 2015 release includes the following enhancements:

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