Enabling your account to integrate with VICE 2 web services

To make use of the VICE 2 web services, you must add web services to your account.

To enable your account to integrate with the VICE 2 web services

  1. Contact DigiCert Customer Service or your sales representative to request VICE 2 web services for your account.
  2. After the web services feature is activated for your account, enroll for an additional Managed PKI for SSL admin ID and request a special Web Services role for this admin ID. Your SSL/TLS certificate application needs to import the Web Services admin ID as the client certificate to access VICE 2 web services.
  3. Optionally you can enable Automatic Approval for your SSL and code signing certificates enrolled through the VICE 2 web services. Your Configuration Administrator can enable this option ("Enable Auto Issuing for Enrollment through Web Services") in the Managed PKI for SSL Control Center enrollment configuration wizard. Once enabled your certificate enrollments through the VICE 2 web services are instantly issued without approval from your administrators.

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